CBC “House Concert” Assignment

The “house concert”. Hm. Sorta sounds like a contradiction
in terms, doesn’t it? Like that guy in the cereal commercial: Are you a home,
or are you a concert? Make up your mind!



I had to find out what this was all about. So last Friday
I headed downtown to Kim Beggs’ house. Word on the street had a house concert
going on in her living room that night.



It was to feature two artists, the visiting Pat Moore from
Ottawa and Yukon’s own BJ Maclean.



Expecting a riot on the streets – this was a
“concert”, after all – I arrived early.


Footsteps in the snow [track 48]

But the street was empty. The house looked dark. A shaggy
dog lounged on the stoop; the heavy snowfall collected on his back like a
blanket. This was a low-key event.



There was no answer at first. Hm. I began to wonder if
there wasn’t a secret house-concert-knock I was missing.


Knocking on door [track 48, 00:45]

Ah! A young man silently invited me in as if I’d been
there a million times before.


Door opens and closes [track 49, 00:24]



The crowd was small. Well, I was the crowd, actually. It
appeared the weather was slowing people down.


Small crowd noise [track 2, 00:20]

The affable Pat Moore welcomed me in and offered me a
beer. We sat on the couch in a large living room crowded with comfy chairs.
Some barstools along the wall had been borrowed from a local coffee shop for
the concert.



The windows were covered in richly patterned fabrics. A
couple of guitar cases waited in the corner.



So, I asked Pat, where does the concept of the house
concert come from?




Pat’s response [track 3, 00:16 to 00:36]



What’s the value to you, personally, in doing house




Pat’s response [track 4, 00:10 to 00:20]

As we’d chatted the house had welcomed more folks in. (Make into present tense)


Medium crowd noise with kid [track 26, 00:20]

Interested in the homeowner’s perspective, I managed to
corner Kim as she prepared a beverage. (Maybe use a
rhetorical question here. Eg: Who would host such an event….)


Cork pops, “good coffee!” with laughter [track 8, 00:29]

So, Kim, the obvious question is: are you crazy, inviting
20 people into your house to make a mess?



Kim’s response [track 9, 00:12 to 00:58]

What’s the benefit to you in doing house concerts?



Kim’s response [track 9, 2:00 to 2:34]

Kim was clearly down with the house concert thing.



Kitchen conversations were starting to pick up as more
people arrived. The level of excitement was rising. Kim’s roommate, Birch
Kuch, was kneading bread.


Louder, slightly more excited crowd with kitchen noises
[track 45, 00:25]

I grabbed a few audience members to find out why they came
to a house concert.




Kelly Ann Melcomson [track 12, 00:19 to 00:35]



Kate Madigan [track 17, 00:15 to 00:50]



Unknown [track 21, 00:15 to 00:31]


There was some gentle prodding just before show time to
make sure everyone had paid their ten dollar entrance fee. After all, part of
the benefit of a concert to a musician is income.



Without any prompting the crowd of maybe 20 people settled
into the seats in the living room. The show was late starting but that was
okay. Informality ruled. Someone joked about dimming the house lights.







Pat and BJ sat on some stools at the front of the room.
Kim handled the introduction. Pat played first.


Kim’s intro in b/g [track 34]


Pat’s first song [track 34, 2:55]

The two artists took turns playing. Each song selection
inspired the next almost organically.

Cross fade to applause [track 35, 2:10 to 2:15]


BJ’s song [track 38, 00:50]

As the concert continued Kim looked on with pride at the
contented people seated in her living room.


Cross-fade to applause [track 36, 3:10], cross fade to
Pat’s song [track 41, 1:54]

She was obviously pleased with the show, having helped
introduce a houseful of people to some new music.



Pat pitched her CD periodically during the show, seeking
to pad her take of the door with a few extra bucks.


But judging by the glow on her face – and the
audience’s reaction to her songs – Pat had accomplished her true goal: to share her love of
music with new people.



I’m Andrew Robulack