Papa’s New Boots

Dsc_4636After sitting in the Bakerei for a bit Cole and I went outside to watch all the big machines getting the streets ready for the start of the Quest tomorrow. (Cole loves to watch bulldozers and stuff.)

Within moments my feet were blocks of ice in my ancient, so-called "winter" hiking boots. Enough, I thought to myself, it’s time to upgrade.

Since I managed to land a fairly significant government contract yesterday, I figured I had an excuse to treat myself to some warm feet. So Cole and I headed over to Hougen’s to check on the boot stock. Sure enough, a nice, hefty black pair of Sorel Glaciers were there in size 9.

$140 dollars later…

At last, no more icy cold toes after mere moments outside; no more snow-soaked socks after ploughing through drifts while taking Cole to day care; no more fifteen minutes sessions sitting on the floor tying up my old hiking boots. Not to mention these things feel like slippers on my feet (though quite heavy ones), they’re so cozy.

Who knows? These boots may actually make winter in the Horse bearable!