Will iPod Kill the Radio Star?

In the 80’s it was all about how video killed the radio star. Now it’s about how iPod’s gonna kill the radio, period. A new medium, called “podcasting,” is flourishing online. The term is a portmanteau of the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”. It’s a form of Internet-based radio, though you don’t exactly “tune in”.

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Cut the Old School Cords

That garish but oh-so cool geek mag, “Wired”, has an image problem.

When they started the publication up way back when, it was the early days of the Internet and computers were just coming out of the basement. The whole taped-up-horn-rim glasses scene was developing a tawdry gloss of chic.

In those days even phones had wires, so the name was perfect.

We’ve entered a new era of computing, however. Now it’s all about cutting the cables that bind and going mobile. So, you see, “Wired” is just too last millennium.

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If You Love Your Information, Set it Free

Way back in the 90’s there was this movement towards structuring the
web. Everybody, from Yahoo! and its anal-retentive classification
“experts,” to basement webmasters, was trying to bring order to this
intoxicated, intoxicating medium.

Time has taught us that this attitude, for all its good intentions, is
a fool’s errand. There’s a new movement emerging that aims to embrace
the wild nature of the web and map its patterns more organically.

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That Triple “D” Time of Year

Dsc_4772_1Yes, it’s DDD season again: "Dodge the Dog Dung".

All of those inconsiderate winter moments of dog owners strolling their charges up and down the Horse’s trails are coming to light. Every canine bowel movement of the past six months or so is revealing itself in all its brown, stinky glory.

As Afghanistan is to land mines, the Horse is to dog turds. They’re everywhere, lurking just under the surface of the melting snow, creeping out like freak show groundhogs to slather themselves across the base of your boot.

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