On the Wagon

Psp_back_full_1_1I’m sitting here writing through some pretty tough TD’s, my (former) PSP packaged up and ready to go back to Superstore.

It kinda breaks my heart, I love the little gadget, but it’s gotta go back. I’ve already bought an extra game for it, which I suppose I’ll chalk up as a loss, and I’ve been waiting for MVP 2005.

Unfortunately, I gotta say, see ya later, PSP. Why?

First off, I’m suffering from truly debilitating pain in my right hand and forearm. Last night as I was reading a book (Princes of Ireland), I could barely turn a page. And yesterday I was almost unable to write my phone number on a government contract. My crack in the News column about not being able to write a shopping list is not bullocks, it’s totally true. My hand is screwed.

As well, as I was driving last night I suffered yet another photosensitive seizure. They’re okay if they only happen when I’m walking down the street, but when I’m driving? That’s bad news.

It was a big decision for a gadget freak like myself. I truly love this little device and was honestly addicted to it. The gamin quality is awesome and the screen is dreamy. But, heck, maybe it’s better this way. Summer in the Yukon is coming and I shouldn’t promote gaming activites to Cole.

All the same, there’s a tear in my eye.