The Mouse Does Suck

Graphire 6X8 bluetooth tabletPicked up a Wacom bluetooth tablet in NYC. I’m in a constant search for a quality “mouse” and, by that, mean some device that will improve my accuracy controlling my mouse pointer on-screen. I’ve been getting frustrated lately with how sloppy a mouse can be.

I’ve only been using it for about a week, but already I’m pretty stoked. Because of its absolute-positioning system I find it’s easier to get around the screen quickly. And it is much more accurate than a mouse. In fact, using the mouse now feels like I’ve got kid gloves on and it can be frustrating.

The drawback, of course, is that the tablet can take up quite a bit of desktop space and, depending on its orientation, I sometimes get mixed up as to where I am on screen.

The new Tiger OS X kinda choked on the tablet at first – a new bug Apple introduced, apparently – but now that it’s working, handwriting recognition is pretty good. Better than the Palm, at least, and almost on par with the old Newton. Oddly, handwriting feels a lot like the Newton.