Why Firefox Sucks

Firefox is great in a lot of ways. I mean, it did shake down IE pretty nice. And it’s got a cool icon. Not to mention the fact that it’s making everybody think about web standards again.

But, truth is, it’s a lame browser. Oh, quit yer whinging. You know it’s true. It’s a piece of software written by a huge collection of largely nameless geeks hell-bent on bitch-slapping Bill Gates. That’s cool and all, but there’s more to life. Like users. Here’s my list of why Firefox sucks. Fix this shit, geekboys, and you have my blessing.

  1. It’s slow. Like molasses in January. In the Yukon. In a record cold year. Start up time is in the achingly-painfully-mindnumbingly-long range of 10 seconds. If you have to wait that long for a mere web browser to get it’s act together, you know something’s wrong.
  2. It’s looks, acts and smells like a PC. Okay, there, now you know. I’m a Mac user. And that’s the problem. Firefox doesn’t conform to standard Mac OS behaviour. Which is ironic, I guess, considering it’s such a standards-bearing piece of software. It begs the question: where does the browser end and the OS begin? Take form elements as one example: they look like form elements from a Windoze box. It’s nasty. Those things are ugly.
  3. It doesn’t play nice with its host OS. Like, I wanna use the Mac OS keychain to store my passwords. I don’t want my web browser, which is as disposable piece of software as there is, to store important information for me. Why does Firefox want to store my passwords for me? Why are the geeks wasting their time writing yet-another-piece-of-software that already does what something I use and live by does, and does well. Don’t they have a PSP to play? Somebody get those Firefox coders a PSP so they can go get a life.
  4. You can alter the user experience. It’s like, come on, build a new plugin for my house so that every time I get up in the night to piss, the can’s in a different spot in the bathroom. What a great idea. A customizable web browser. Not. (Unless you’re a sado masochistic nerd.)
  5. Here’s the big one: it’s unstable. Yes it is. Yes it is. YES IT IS. If I had a dollar for every time this software locked me up and lost me data. I only use it as a browser because the host of my weblog (TypePad) makes me — why can’t they support other browsers? It’s as bad as Air Canada’s web site whinging about the fact I use Safari. Sheesh. Tonight I lost 20 minutes of blog entry typing to Firefox. Stabilize your software, Mozilla folk.
  6. It’s Netscape in disguise. Netscape lost. They suck. Don’t try to fool me with all the “Mozilla” silliness. Firefox is an attempt to legitimize the painful legacy of failure that is Netscape. I mean, come on, how could they let Mosaic come back under the guise of Microsoft and kick their ass? It’s a joke. And all you coders working for the common good of standards, give it up. It’s a joke. Go work for Microsoft and make some money.

Well, you can’t fix that last one, but there you have it. Some reasons why Firefox sucks. Now let’s see if I can get the locked up Firefox to regurgitate the post I was originally working on… (I’m using ecto for this one, by the way)

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    • Opera is the best , I have been using it for years now and always come back to it after trying other browsers .Its not boged down by plugins and loads fast .

  1. User experience gripes aside, Firefox has made the lives of web developers a lot simpler – it has helped to usher in a new era of web standards consciousness. I, for one, was completely tired of always having to write bloated, out-of-date code for IE and Netscape 4.

    Do you really believe Microsoft would be releasing IE 7 with W3C support if it wasn’t for the loud trumpeting of Firefox fanboys from across the industry? I highly doubt it. They need to save face with said developers. Firefox is the product that helped to start the parade.

    Firefox instead allows me to write solid, clean code first and then patch up for IE second. Even if it only represents 10% of the marketplace, it’s mindshare is much larger.

    Put away that copy of GoLive 6 and start handcodin’. Vive le revolution!

  2. i came across this page searching for firefox gripes, and even though its a 2 year old entry, i believe things have gotten much worse meanwhile.
    i was an unfashionable firefox user, starting back when it was phoenix. i remember using the early zero point releases going into firebird, and the most awesome thing was how non-bloated it was, and how fast. now it still remains a modest sized download, but everything else seems to have gone out the window. their goal to begin with was designing a lightweight browser, instead it has become the same kitchen sink like mozilla without the added functionalities.
    its now slow, as andrew said, and my biggest gripe is it hogs memory like ass. a browser eating up 130k of memory anytime i open two tabs or more is ridiculous. people have complained about this before, only to hear basically from the firefox team, ‘it’s for your own good’. and let’s not forget the rabid firefox fanboys, who shout extensibility and standards compliance (Geoff’s post above excepted, he has said exactly how it should be said) in people’s faces anytime someone gripes. what good are those if it brings my machine to a standstill?
    i won’t advocate going IE, though i do think it gets more bum rap than it deserves (i use mac os, linux, and windows all extensively; the fact that i even need to mention it or otherwise run the chance of being branded as a MS shill is proof of some of the wrong way open source may be headed). just like each OS is good for some things at some times, so are the browsers. but, overall i think opera is the winner now; with the current 9.2 release, the only problem i’ve had is it a backup site would not restore through it. which is a pity, i truly believe Opera is THE most secure browser. and its not a resource hog (the least of all three, in fact, consistently running at 1 to 1.5% on my ibook). that works for me.

  3. IE is the longstanding browser, and it will stay standing after all this other browser crap is gone. Face it, but IE will always kick their butt in some way even if it doesn’t right now and will in the future. I mean, it might not be secure but still, i’m betting that Opera will be forgotten in the next 5 years and firefox maybe in the next 10.

  4. Its three years and it still sucks. Load time, memory, jeez. I’m even considering returning to IE…..THATS how bad it is

  5. I’ve been reading posts in various forums that claim that I should test my code in firefox, then make it work in the “non-standards-compliant” IE.


    Call me crazy, but when I assign CSS like “width:200px” to an object, I expect that object to display with a width of 200 pixels – it does in IE, it DOESN’T in firefox! I would also think that in a browser that people tout as the “end-all” for programmers, you should be able to run 2 scripts concurrently without the browser choking up – I’d hate to see what firefox would do with a REALLY complicated page!

    After years of ignoring FF, I finally bit the bullet and have been working on getting my employer’s website to work in FF. What an exercise in frustration! I’ve had to take perfectly concise and elegant code and hack it up like a slasher-movie bimbo. I hate this crap!

    95% of my audience uses IE – basically every non-programmer who has bought a computer in the last eight or ten years uses IE – Why in the world would I program for this firefox P.O.S.???

    I guess I’ll continue to code for IE, and use CSS hacks and browser detection schemes to shoehorn decent pages into an indecent browser, and hope this abomination eventually fades into the sunset like NutScrape Navigator…

  6. Cj… Here here!

    My post on the matter (remove the Whitespaces …FF joke hehe)

    firefox suck.blogspot. com/2007/05/to-clear-few-things.html?showComment=1220460420000#c2741380025997301748

  7. I use Firefox under Linux only because for some reason opera cannot load any external websites and I have to say that it works very well I don’t know if its just me being crazy but under windows Firefox was a memory hog and crashed a lot and loaded slowly and opera absolutely blasted it out of the water but under Linux Firefox is much better than under windows. It doesnt seem to take up as much memory, has only crashed twice in a year (I know it shouldn’t crash at all, but that is a massive improvement over windows Firefox) opera is still winning in this 0 crashes ever since i have started using it.

  8. Nathan Lineback (www.toastytech.com) said that it just went Firefox. For me, Internet Explorer just good for a Windows and Safari is for Mac ones. But, I also recommend Google Chrome also.

    • Chrome spies on you. Firefox is great because it is plenty fast(chrome fast if you know how to adjust the settings the right way), secure, easily customizable, has yahoo toolbar, looks better than any other browser, open source, has the best ad block, and many other reasons. Opera is second. It is really fast but is hard to work with and does not work with many sights and looks terrible.Though it is still good. IE is all around a P.O.S.

  9. it’s March 28, 2009 and Firefox _still_ sucks. First-use takes about 45 seconds to boot up… and I’ve implemented all the pipelining tweaks and such that are out there on the net. I care far lessa about all the cute little features than I care about _speed_, and this is where Firefox eats giant ape dick. Rchhhh patoo!

  10. Amen!! … Firefox must be the crappiest browser around … especially from a Javascript developer’s perspective!! It should be banned, burned and bombed!!

  11. Browsers suck.
    IE is slow and insecure, Firefox is unstable, Chrome doesn’t have an adblock, Opera doesn’t render shit right (for me) and its speed leaves much to be desired, Safari’s user interface is ridiculously annoying (personal preference, of course).

    If I could have a perfect browser, it would be as fast as Chrome (both rendering and GUI snappiness) with the customization of Firefox.

    “You can alter the user experience. It’s like, come on, build a new plugin for my house so that every time I get up in the night to piss, the can’s in a different spot in the bathroom. What a great idea. A customizable web browser. Not. (Unless you’re a sado masochistic nerd.)”


    Sorry, it’s just that on a default install I can type “addons” in the address bar and hit enter, then search anything I want.
    “hide menubar” – add to firefox
    (to hide that near-useless file menu that no OS should show you 24/7)
    “adblock” – add to firefox
    In 2 clicks view all popular addons and then scroll down to see stuff like Stylish, Greasemoney, and NoScript, which granted take some computer experience to use right, but also see the insanely useful Download Status Bar, IETab, Xmarks, etc.
    One click to add, one to confirm.

    Also “You can alter the user experience” doesn’t just mean addons, it means moving the home button to the file menu if you wanted.
    Well, in any decent OS with window-specific file menus.

  12. Don’t use IE. Chrome is the best, has awesome memory management. The only thing that lacks is plugins so far which I mainly use for web dev.

    • We can’t use Chrome until they make one that’s compatible (he uses a Mac, remember?).

      I got sick of waiting for Firefox to load, so I switched to Opera. Now I’m happy.

  13. From the moment I touched chrome/chromium I’ve never touched Firefox again on both windows and my Gentoo box…. (I’ve missed chrome on mac)
    Firefox sucks specially on it’s newer version… It’s getting worse and worse on each new release… (I missed some of my plug-ins in chromium)

  14. I agree firefox is terrible. When I used to work with it, I don’t remember any single moment without having my pc freezing. It stops all the time, it is unstandable.

    I discovered a very old browser, navigator netscape. I know it is the same company product, however in both 2 laptops I have it works fine without ANY single problem. The day I started working with netscape was the day I said goodbye to firefox and I don’t really understand why so many people still believe firefox is the best. It sucks terribly.

  15. I used to love firefox but then I noticed:

    1) It never quits properly, meaning I had to end task manually nearly every time. This started happening with the latest version.

    2) Mozillas forums are full of attempts to make it look like point one is the fault of zonealarm, rogue extensions etc etc..basically not them. Extensive testing determined this to be a steaming pile, it’s their rubbish fan-made code.

    3) Any old extension can just waltz onto my pc! I’ve had adobe, java etc just add all kinds of extensions without my say so. Even microsoft added one, what a joke.

    4) The icon is designed to lure people subliminally into furry perversion.

    5) “Oops something went wrong..” is a cute error message to see once. See it 500 times though and you’re going to get pretty irate.

  16. 5 years ago and the same problems.
    Now they are worse.

    @ Chromedeup: +1
    Agree 100%

    bye bye firesucks.

  17. Ditto, FF sucks ass. Agreed especially with the number 6, people forget selectively or just plain dumb to feel comfortable with their choices or to be “cool”, as the FF sells that idea. “Yes, we suck, but we have themes and colors!” IE will always be the king and will shutdown the new Netscape again like they did years ago, now with their new name Mozilla shit.

  18. It’s sad because all the things people were complaining about 5 years ago seem to have come true.

    Back then firefox WAS a great piece of software however these days it’s more trouble then it’s worth. Unfortunately I really don’t like using chrome. But at least it works properly.

    I guess we are back to square 1 choose something you don’t want because the thing that was good sucks now.

    • If you do not like Chrome then test Opera. IMO is the compromise between the minimalism (of Chrome) and the supersaturation (of other browsers). In addition to performance and funcionaldiad is equal to or better than the Chrome.

      Also happened to me just like you. I wanted Firefox and I was unhappy having choose another option that is not wanted. But I remembered that this same thing happened with IE when I changed to Firefox. I wanted IE and I did not want to leave because I was accustomed to it. After I was not accustomed and I forgot IE without problems. That is the point, everything is custom. I already forgot Firefox.

      PS: Sorry my bad English

  19. Opera is the best for those who like to customize their browsers , I have been using Opera for years and still find it fast and secure . Firefox is all talk and no do , Most Firefox plug-ins dont work properly and it hogs a lot of system resources . Chrome is ok but to basic for me .Opera is stable and looks good .

  20. “Firefox is an attempt to legitimize the painful legacy of failure that is Netscape.” – Wise words my friend.

    Firefox is the alter ego of the loser nerd that failed to start a decent business or a good career in the IT world. It’s also a tool for conformism of bitches with communist tendencies so that they can live their little gay personal anarchism just like the emos and transexuals.

    Firefox is a tool for web developers “de-productivity”, when one codes for decent browser(s) and then goes to see the results in firefox, because after all loser nerds buy online as well (with their mommy’s money), and realizes firefox can’t render shit so the project needs redone – also when the boss is a middle man bitch by essence and the only one in the entire cooporation who uses firefox.

    Finally, the only reason IE has known security gaps is because the firefox scummunity tries hard to find it so they can brag about their crap piece of shit browser.

  21. Back in 2005 I’d have disagreed – but 5 years on, Firefox has to be the biggest piece of crap ever visited upon the surfing public – sinking even to the murky depths of IE, overblown Opera and rust-laden Chrome.

    Will somebody out there please invent a browser that doesn’t bring the system to its knees every time we open more than 2 or 3 tabs, or horror of horrors, run another app at the same time.

    Mozilla, u aint no fulfillas, just failures – go figure.

  22. “You can alter the user experience. It’s like, come on, build a new plugin for my house so that every time I get up in the night to piss, the can’s in a different spot in the bathroom. What a great idea. A customizable web browser. Not. (Unless you’re a sado masochistic nerd.)”
    So your complaint is…that…you can..change it if you want…and change is bad?

    • The way I interpreted it was that just because you have the ability to change something doesn’t mean you should. Like when they gave us the ‘awesome bar’. Or when they moved options, which for ever had lived under the Tools menu, to the Edit menu. I mean why? Did this make the browser better. Or when they decided to stop showing the version number under Help:About. Again, how does this change help to make FF better? This is basically the de facto standard location of where to find an application’s version. So why remove it. It isn’t hurting anything. Mozilla is like avant garde music or art…weird for the sake of being weird. Change just because you can often times makes things worse.

  23. Now we have version 4** of Mozilla Firefox and it still sucks!
    Slow like a stone. And it crashed often as hell takes bad souls.
    what a bad browser!

  24. Firefox has become a memory hog. horrible design and unoptimized.
    lags and crashes when opening gmail or trying to search.
    i did apply to join the dev team as a designer but my email was ignored.
    recently i made a great theme for firefox (seeing how there are not a lot of good themes) and my theme WAS IGNORED. it was supposed to be reviewed in 3 days…but its 10 days and still ignored.

    FUCK YOU FIREFOX. i will see you bankrupt.
    a proud opera user.

  25. I literally typed firefox sucks ass in my search engine just because it’s pissing me off these days. Chrome is so far ahead of Firefox that MS should be embarrassed but we know those shameless plugs won’t do anything about.

    Christ it’s irritating that I have to re-optimize my blog site two times because Firefox is so useless.

  26. firefox 1.0 to 7.0 all slow as turtle
    chrome is much like ie a resource hog and take up 500mb to 1GB of diskspace.
    ie and chrome share the same flaws memory leaks
    IE has always been a memory hogger
    using excessive amount of swap file cause the computer to lag greatly

    I’ve tested IE,FF,Opera,Chrome
    most version of it
    Opera seem to take the least amount of resources
    Fastest One IMHO
    HTML5 speedtest for chrome come at 7FPS
    opera at 8fps
    IE 6fps
    FF 4fps
    because i am using windows xp the hardware acceleration is not enabled
    which can greatly increase browser surfing performance by 8 to 10 times faster then normally if software rendering 2d/3d based is used instead.

  27. Seven years later and Firefox is still a slow, memory hogging piece of shit. I don’t think that says anything bad about firefox itself, it is just software. It says a lot about the fucking retards at Mozilla though.

  28. This page has restored some sanity for me. I’ve just finished a five minute rant to no one about how firefox is commiting suicide by updates. I really enjoyed it for years, but this last version is a veritable ball & chain. Even when I strip down the extensions (the whole luxury that WAS firefox, it still stalls on nearly everything. Were it not for checking other browsers to see if the same pages were giving the same problems, (and not finding any of those problems) I would’ve sworn my motherboard must be on fire.

    I’m not going to knock the brand. They gave us a lot of tremendous things that still havent surfaced in other browsers. But this isnt working out presently.

    A lot if not all software seems to meet this fate of being fixed when not broken. A bittersweet point of both praise and criticism might be that if anyone found the limits of what a browser can do, it is certainy Firefox.

    I will look forward to its return to a better, cleaner vision.

  29. yup—so it is. I like the thought about putting the toilet in a different part of the bathroom every time you go take a piss. How about this—put the toilet in the kitchen? Or some days, eliminate the toilet, and use a bucket instead. Better yet, advocate diapers as an extension, because they are faster than going to a toilet. Either way, it’s all turned to shit in the 35 years I’ve been in the industry. DOS, DOS3.1, WIN95, WIN98, WIN98SE, WINME,WIN2K, WINXP, WINVISTA, WIN7, WIN8–like where the fuck is the bathroom, much less the toilet. Better yet, where is my house? Fuck Mozilla, MS, Adobe, and all of the bloatware asshole undevelopers out there.

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