2006: A Fun Year for Geeks

A lot of cool stuff happened in 2005.

My favourite device, the iPod,
literally took over the world and legitimized the internet as a
marketplace for digital media sales.

The next generation of gaming
consoles has started to appear.

The traditional phone network began its

Yep, for geeks like me who enjoy technology that keeps things moving, 2005 was a banner year. 2006 promises to be even better.

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The Legacy of Buzz Lightyear

Over the last month and a half I’ve watched Pixar’s animated movie, Toy Story, no less than, oh, two or three hundred times.

My son gets up in the morning, requests: “Star Command?” (An oblique reference to Buzz Lightyear.)

He gets home from day care at noon: “Star Command?”

As we’re eating supper: “Star Command?”

He asks nicely at first, then food starts hitting the walls the more I try to resist.

His aunt gave him the DVD for his second birthday, curse her.

Then I made the mistake of buying him Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

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Gifts for the Geek Who Has Everything

It’s well known that geeks crave gadgets, devices, and software that represent new twists and turns in the world of technology.

However, identifying quality items for that nerdy someone on your
Christmas list can be as difficult as buying a fine wine for the
discerning collector.

And since not even David Copperfield could make an XBox 360 appear in time for Christmas, I’ve compiled a list of alternates.

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One Crazy Cock Fight

If you stuck an XBox 360 video game console and a Bosch 10 inch
compound mitre saw into a cock fighting ring and let ’em go at it, who
do you think would win?

I started pondering this question recently and it’s become something of an obsession.

A geek might want to know what game’s in the console. Is it an XBox
360? With Perfect Dark Zero? Damn, the console’s gonna shred that sissy

Contractors might have a different slant. Is it a 15 amp saw? No contest, that little box’ll be packaging material instantly.

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