One More Dell Thing…

I got talking to the Purolator guy today. He swore he’d never buy a Dell. He said that fully half the machines he delivers get picked up again within two weeks to be sent out for repairs.

That’s pretty pathetic.

More Soulful Internet

I got to thinking today. One of the other points the Ode article makes is that “junk DNA” represents the combination for accessing that cosmic consciousness drive. It’s part of the encryption key, so to speak.

That means that, in theory, if we ever totally cracked human DNA, we could speak to the dead. Imagine that. The folks that came before us are enjoying that ultimate upgrade in the sky and along come all these fleshy intruders looking for Albert Einstein and more insights into physics.

Considered another way, people that actually are true “mediums” would contain sufficient genetic material to decrypt the aspects of DNS that permit access to the cosmic consciousness.

Trippy, dude.

The Soul of the Internet

Ode Magazine - Life Goes On

There was an interesting article in issue 10 of Ode Magazine.

Cardiologist Pim van Lommel has, according to the publication, proved the existence of a “soul”. I’m not so sure it’s a soul in the spiritual/religious sense of the word, or more of a scientific explanation of some of the more inexplicable aspects of nature. But that’s just semantics.

By investigating thousands of life-after-death experiences, van Lommel has identified common trends in them all. Yep, the tunnel of light is there, and so is that cliché sensation of peace and harmony. But more interesting is the common element of conscious release, of the mind released from the constraints of a fleshy brain.

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How Does Dell Stay in Business?

Dell FactoryFirst, I have to admit to a moment of weakness. After about a month of playing XBox 360 and lovin’ it, I thought it might be cool to connect a Microsoft Media Centre PC onto my network and see how the two machines play with each other. From reading about it, it sounds like Microsoft has done an awesome job with this set-up.

So I hit Dell’s web site and actually (sort of) liked a machine, the Dimension 5150C. It’s a nice looking little box with a good set of technology under its hood. So I placed an order online.

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Their Cheatin’ Hearts

Those wife-swapping reality shows seem to be having an effect on the IT
industry. Several of the big players have suddenly taken a swinger’s
attitude in respect to their traditional partners.

Apple’s had some secret rendezvous’s with Intel over the past few
months which recently culminated in a very public display of affection.
And Microsoft offered IBM a shoulder through its recent divorce with
Apple, a friendly act that elicited some hot product on the gaming

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