Shuffle, Shuffle

I shuffled things around in my personal web world.

I killed the Bad Robot, though it lives on in heart. Actually, I just moved Wool Sock front and centre again and merged all the Bad Robot posts in (though the images got lost along the way — sloppy me).

I turfed Cole’s sites both from .Mac Home Page and over here at TypePad. Apple released iWeb a couple of weeks back and it was just the blogging tool I was looking for to manage Cole’s stuff.

iWeb, for weekend bloggers and folks that post lots of media, is the cat’s meow. Apple really did their homework on this one and released a truly stunning piece of web authoring software. I can’t wait for iWeb Pro! 😉

It’s actually something of a merger of Home Page and TypePad. It’s easy to post text to, like TypePad, and totally integrated into all the media on my Mac. Literally, with a single click I can post a movie or a photo, whereas getting a photo onto a web-based blogging environment is a pain in the arse.

So check out Cole’s new iWeb site at (admittedly, not the prettiest URL).

Furthermore, I just took over the domain name with my own professional web site, which I’m in the process of revamping. So, dig me at

I also moved the site to a new host, in Vancouver. Their pricing is awesome (maybe not the best, but because of the US’s scary Patriot Act, I’ll only host in Canada, so that limits the range of companies) and the service is very good so far (despite the fact their entire network was down for a few hours this morning).

15 thoughts on “Shuffle, Shuffle

  1. Pricing at webserve maybe ok but service is terrible.

    There is so many complains about them that I wish I knew earlier.

    And as you I thought that they are canadian but are they really ?

    Good Luck to you 🙂

  2. You hooked up with Oh man I wish you’d contacted me prior to doing this.

    I had a friend’s website with them for about a year. When it came time to leave, I packed up a month early but they auto charged my credit card for another year.

    It took me 2 months of email/phone calls to get a refund. In fact, they wouldn’t even make it happen – I had to call in Visa to force the issue. The response I got from Webserve was curt and impolite in tone.

    Add to the fact that their hosting service regularly fails (downtime is fairly common) and they seem to be out of touch, technically – I paid for JSP support but I went through 2 sys admins there trying to get it to work but gave up and retreated back to PHP. What a crappy hosting service, really.

    Needless to say, never again. I wrote to their lame customer service agent last week telling the person that I’d forever be a tattle-tale about their bad service. I guess this is step 1.

  3. I will add a comment even though this is a really old blog entry in the hopes that someone else, like me, searched for “webserve sucks”….and boy do they ever.

    Support is the worst I have seen in a host, I’ve had several. Emails, telephone support, it all can go unanswered for days. In my case, 7 days for the first issues and 9 days for my last issue.


  5. Man, I should have searched webserve sucks before I signed up. There system of managing domains is so buggy I couldn’t renew. I put a ticket in, called, emailed, everything. No response. Just kept getting bumped around. I ended up losing a domain and am now in a fight to get them to get it back. Bad stuff this webserve, Canadian or not. Bring on the patriot act, at least I get to keep my domains. Worst service I’ve ever even heard of on the net. Webserve sucks large. To anyone thinking of joining them, don’t make the same mistake we did. You’ve been warned.

  6. Webserve sucks more than anything in the world… man… seriously… the service is CRAP …
    I was one of those people who were like ” bah i dont need technical support so i dont really care, the prices are good and its canadian hosting ” BUT OH MY GOD was i wrong… sooo sooo wrong… one thing you need to understand is that even tho you might think that you dont need tech support… it doesnt mather webserve is so crappy things never work the way they should so you ALWAYS end up contacting support… yes that slow crappy support , probably outsourced to india or something … damn … i lost so much time and money because of them fuck you webserve

  7. Just wanted to add to this post for anyone thinking of going with webserve. DON’T!!!

    They autobilled me after I cancelled my account, it took 2 weeks to get a refund and I basically had to start yelling at people to get them to listen. They send you emails in broken english (I would get fired from my job if I sent out what they do to customers) – their technical support didn’t even know what FTP was. OMG. STAY AWAY – WEBSERVE SUCKS!!!

    WEBSERVE CANADA??? more like Webserve India.

    Anyone interested in visiting Hell should sign up for a webserve hosting account.

  8. sounds like i’m not alone.
    whether you are a professional webdeveloper or average consumer or mild dabbler in websites, stay away from i’ve used different hosts for the last 12 or so years, and bar none, they are the most disappointing.

    autobilled my credit card after my one year term — but they gave absolutely no advance notice that they would do so. also: they won’t refund you the total — surprise! there’s a $25 “cancellation fee.” when i escalated my issue, they told me flat out: you’re not getting your money.

    at the same time, Webserve requires a 30-day notice of cancellation (buried on their website, and you’ll only see the fee mentioned when they send you the “refund”) but they don’t give their clients any notice of a pending renewal or cancellation.


    BTW: take a look at their BBB report: UNSATISFACTORY.

  9. It’s now some months after those last posts, and guess what? Webserve still sucks. It’s more terrible than ever right now; I’ve been with them for nearly five years, and their service is right in the crapper.

    Don’t use webserve , that is, in Vancouver. Webserve sucks.

  10. Hey Everyone,

    Webserve is absolutely terrible when it comes to customer service. I’ve had several tickets closed on me without any response. I’ve had one customer service rep ask me firstly my password for one of my accounts, and secondly “If I use that password often”. Fucking pathetic. I’m trying to get a domain transfered right now and they won’t get back to me. DO NOT USER WEBSERVE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. WEBSERVE R PROPER STOOL SAMPLES! I have no idea how to cancel my account. I’ve filled out the cancellation form but man I need my site up and running asap and don’t know what to do. I’m so reporting them to BBB. For the record webserve sucks.

  12. I can add my voice to the others who have experienced’s “customer service”. This company deserves a class action lawsuit from all of the individual’s they have scammed. Do not be fooled by the up-front service promises — otherwise you will soon wish you had paid a bit more and looked elsewhere (believe me it will be cheaper in the long run).

    I am very happy to relate my personal experiences to anyone to help others from being taken by this company —

  13. Well this is a thread jack if i ever saw one. hehe. But yeah. I am now one the droves of people that wished they had searched “webserve sucks” before going with them as a host. I had problems right off the bat. Theye didn’t assign the right IP to my domain name. They didnt bother to check until I suggested that this might be the problem. This took them almost a month to get right. Now, their site is down for the second time in a week. It’s funny that their page is always up even when mine is down. I want to be on that server. They probably host it on Go Daddy.

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