The Soul of the Internet

Ode Magazine - Life Goes On

There was an interesting article in issue 10 of Ode Magazine.

Cardiologist Pim van Lommel has, according to the publication, proved the existence of a “soul”. I’m not so sure it’s a soul in the spiritual/religious sense of the word, or more of a scientific explanation of some of the more inexplicable aspects of nature. But that’s just semantics.

By investigating thousands of life-after-death experiences, van Lommel has identified common trends in them all. Yep, the tunnel of light is there, and so is that cliché sensation of peace and harmony. But more interesting is the common element of conscious release, of the mind released from the constraints of a fleshy brain.

They point out in the article that research has proven our brains don’t have enough physical capacity to carry even a week’s worth of memories. Our vast lifetime of experiential information is stored somewhere else, in some cosmic common consciousness. Which sounds pretty hokey at first blush, but when considered scientifically, actually explains a lot.

Thinking of this system in technical terms (as only a geek can do), as humans we are simply a collection of client computers running on net boot. We don’t have hard drives, just a bit of RAM to hold out master operating system and recently used information. The bulk of our personal data is stored on the network servers.

Once we die, we basically turf our machine identities and move on to pure electrosynthetic existence in some grand internet in the sky, where we commingle with the entirety of human existence.

This is great, because it basically explains crazy stuff like reincarnation. Instead of being “reborn”, there just a bug in one’s system and one therefore has trouble separating someone else’s collection of memories from one’s own. So reincarnation is really a permissions error on the cosmic server, one that permits one to view memories and experiences that belong to someone else who has come before.

Likewise for concepts like telepathy and mind reading. More crossed wires.

In a sense, the internet and net boot computing is simply an adaptation of the natural state of human existence and consciousness.

I’m no expert on spiritual matters, but that’s moot. This is a pretty interesting scientific explanation for those weird things that happen that often get ignored by traditional science. I mean, we didn’t understand electricity or microbiology in scientific terms until very recently in human history. There’s a lot more we still don’t understand and that we leave to be dealt with in religious and spiritual terms instead of scientific and logical.