Eyed Up by Brandimensions

This is cool. I guess I name-drop enough geekware that I’ve become an information source for one of those marketing research firms.

I’ve started to notice some clickthroughs from Brandimensions in my stats. It doesn’t display exactly what they’re spidering off of my blog, so I can’t tell who their interested client is, but it’s pretty clear: some marketer somewhere is digging my dope.

Well, message to interested party: send me some free kit and I’ll name drop some more.

(At first, though, I thought they were some firm that dealt with digestive tract issues, or specialty cereals for seniors. After all, break their name up and they are Bran Dimensions.)

One thought on “Eyed Up by Brandimensions

  1. I’m glad to see that find our work interesting. All of our clients are very interested in what their consumer base is talking about. It provides them clear insight into what you like and don’t like about their particular product or service. We monitor over 250 million unique URLs, consisting of over 5 billion individual pages, on behalf of our customers, providing them insight into what consusmers like you are talking about. If you are interested, I would certainly welcome direct contact and can answer any additional questions you may have.


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