That Old Telephone Thing

iChat AV LogoIt was kind of weird. The other day, I placed my first telephone call in weeks. It was a disconcerting experience. The telephone is a piece of technology that I’ve been involved with since my youngest days. I don’t believe I’d ever gone even a day before without making a phone call. So to go weeks…

It wasn’t intentional. And I haven’t been hiding under a shell. For business I typically communicate via email with colleagues. The people I usually talk on the phone with, my family, are all equipped with Apple iSights.

We use a piece of software on our Macs called iChat AV to video chat using these little cameras. Cole and I have been chatting weekly for a while with my mom in Macau, China. And I talk several times a day to my dad in Vancouver. The phone had been gathering dust in the interim.

So when I finally picked up the phone to call my sister Jenny back the other day, the feeling was weird. I had to remember her phone number. I had to dial it. I had no idea whether she was actually home or not. Once she answered, it just got worse. I couldn’t see her. The audio quality was total crap. I had to use one hand to hold the phone while I talked.

In short, that old telephone thing sucks. I can’t wait till everybody moves beyond it, not just my little family.