I Wanna Work for Playboy

The Original Playboy Bunny

Not for the obvious reasons, so get your mind out of the gutter.

There’s an interview with Christie Hefner over at Baseline, where she discusses how Playboy manages their huge archive of content in relationship to DRM and modern delivery methodologies. I’m surprised by how much she knows what she’s talking about:

…one of our goals is to have a flexible architecture so that as what’s available to us advances and our own understanding of what the consumer wants advances, we don’t have to scrap what we’ve already done.

I dunno. The last company I was at, the CEO would fall asleep at the first mention of IT architecture. (One of the directors slept through a presentation I gave about my web architecture strategy.) I get the feeling Ms. Hefner is rare in her IT interest as a CEO…?

Then she goes on to describe how Playboy took an early initiative to internally develop a digital multimedia workflow:

We took an official skunk works approach [in the 1980s]. There was one person in the art department and one person in administrative rights who were interested and tech savvy. And so, in effect, I funded them. I let them buy computers and experiment with different kinds of software that were being developed to help change the way the whole editing process was being designed for publishing.

Nice! Talk about a dream job! She also describes how Playboy was one of the early developers and adopters of video content for iPod. I mean, I always knew porn was an early implementor of new technologies, but she makes it sound like a total geek adventure. Hire me!

12 thoughts on “I Wanna Work for Playboy

  1. you ask if Ms. Hefner is rare in her IT interest as a CEO…? i think the big difference is that playboy has known since their web site first went online some 10 years ago (heh…i read that somewhere….) that the media thru which they interact with their customers were going to become, primarily, of the digital variety.

    fortunately for them, the directors and CEOs were open-minded/visionary/brave enough to listen to the wild-eyed IT geeks when they spoke of a flexible archtitecture even tho, surely, they had no idea it would come in handy when their customers would be enjoying their fine products via a battery-powered, pocket-sized device with a 2″ colour screen.

    unfortunately, your last company, along with yukon, in general, is not exactly forward-thinking in its culture, and seems to fight like mad to keep it that way. how many years behind the rest of north america are we in cellular tech? digital cable? how many yukon companies leverage the web as a tool, rather than a brochure? how long did it take us to finally get (ahem…*afordable*) high-speed internet (have we actually achieved that yet?)?

    actually, it reminds me of ‘footloose’…y’know, that movie where everyone was so conservative that they thought dancing would lead to babies-having-babies, murder, mahem, etc.? well, around here, everyone covers their ears and sings, ‘lalalalaican’thearyoulalalala,’ when someone starts talking, ‘architecture’ or ‘hosted applications’ or ‘service-oriented’ because….well…why? what’s everyone afraid of?

    oh…and by the way…the battery-powered, pocket-sized device with a 2″ colour screen i referred to IS AN IPOD…get your mind outta the gutter…. ;P

  2. The key point here is: Get It before Do It. There’s not many people in the Yukon, corporations and individuals alike, who actually Get It when we talk about the possibility, power and energy of the web. As Patrick pointed out, they still treat the web as a cute little add-on, or yes, a brochure where you can click on stuff and send an email. Neato! Interactive!

    But I think you really do have to Get It before you can Do It. And to me it seems like the only way to change this is to have people in the know do something about it. Until we show results, show an audience, show profitability and opportunity, big business isn’t about to start listening. They’re too complex and cumbersome to notice a ground swell.

    Grassroots. Community. Rise up and make some noise. That has to be our effort. If all of us do our part to further the industry up here, it will happen. It just takes time. There’s a tiny number of us who Get It and Do It, and we need to pull together in whatever capacity we can.

  3. my name is megan. Im 18. nd I want playboy to be one of my careers. my reasons for that are in my opinion these l0oks would go to waste just sitting behind a desk.

  4. I love it when people refer to Playboy as “porn”. OMG. Get a clue. Get your butts out of the backwaters of the Bible belt and get a grip. If you could only understand and appreciate what goes into a Playboy shoot. The amazing lighting, makeup, set preperation etc. The women that pose for Playboy come from all walks of life. Many are highly educated and already successful in theeir own right.

    The artistic capature of the female form in a tasteful and beautiful presentation is not Porn!.

    The Christian right has done more to destroy this country than it has to ever build it up an make it better. All I can say, is to think for yourself. Don’t let somebody, or some religion think for you. One of the last phrases uttered by Mother Theresa before she died was. “In heaven, there is no religion, Thank God”. Think she was on to something?


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