Crack Dem Locked Down iTunes


I’m normally pretty respectful of the usage rights accorded the media I purchase. But I’ve about had enough of Apple’s silly game of locking iTunes-purchased tracks to Apple hardware.

I wanna listen to my music on my X360, my PSP, and my Treo. I wanna buy a third party stereo unit that’ll wirelessly connect up with iTunes on my Mac so I can hear the music on my bad-ass stereo. (C’mon, Apple, license FairPlay, already!)

So it’s with some glee that I stumbled upon the Hymn Project today. It’s basically an open source project that has cracked the DRM on iTunes tracks. No doubt it’s completely illegal in Canada, but, hey, so is leaving over an inch of snow on the sidewalk in front of your house.

The Hymn Project’s software is a free download. You can use it to strip all DRM management from files that have been purchased on the iTunes music store and then listen to the music you own however and wherever you like. There are versions for Mac, Windows and *nix.

Take the music back!

[Update: JHymn don’t work with iTunes 6.x. Drag! I’m starting to think that Apple has an evil gnome in its basement that works to ruin everybody’s fun. What’s a little rights-use infringement here and there, Apple?)