Webserve.ca Does Suck!

Everyone who warned me, you were right! Webserve.ca does suck.

I’ve just been through a month of hell with them. My email and web site have been up and down for days. Even as I write this, I can’t get email. Plus they’re almost completely unresponsive to support issues. And when they do respond it’s pretty obvious that they have monkeys providing tech support.

I’m in the process of moving my site back to webnames.ca. Silly, foolish me. I’ve had years of excellent service from webnames.ca (and I used to work directly with John Demcoe before they even existed), why would I switch?

Now I can only hope I escape the endless post-cancellation credit card billings that webserve.ca seems to punish departing disgruntled customers with. I did spoof my card in their accounting interface, so hopefully that throws them off a bit.

I guess that’s a lesson: stick with what works, especially if it works well. Webnames.ca’s web hosting service isn’t as full featured as webserve.ca’s is, but that really doesn’t matter for somebody like me who’s just doing static hosting.

3 thoughts on “Webserve.ca Does Suck!

  1. I’m a sucker too Buddy, if I ever get my money back from these vultures I’ll be amazed! I tried to cancel, but the system continually regected my requests…then even though my accounts were not set to auto renew they renewed them. Or so they said, but they couldn’t because…I managed to transfer them to a different hosting company before charged me, but charge me they did anyways…
    My question is…how can they charge me for something they couldn’t and didn’t do? hostexcellence.com renewed them not webserve.ca yet they charged me anyways…..let’s band together and call the Sun or Province eh?….can I use your name as a fellow disgruntled?????? Thanks Mickey

  2. I guess I should have done my homework…

    I too registered a domain with webserve.ca only to find that I could also register the domain with webnames.ca. webserve.ca not only did not register my domain with CIRA, they didn’t protect it at all.

  3. I’m not Webnames.ca’s biggest fan. Their lack of attention to detail makes me really dubious about dealing with them. I manage content for 4 different sites, three of which are registered with Webnames. Each time, their lack of familiarity with their own systems has been extremely frustrating. “Go here” “There is no location).” “Really? On the top left of the page?” “Nope.” “Oh, they changed the page…well, try this…” Tech support articles that list the wrong alternate mail ports, calling me (in mail) Mr. X when my name is Mr. Y….it just leads me to believe no one is actually paying attention there. And it pisses me off, because they should be the pros! And they aren’t!

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