Mind Your Business

Geof’s right, the Yukon is smarter and more capable from a web technology perspective than it’s ever been. And I think he’s assembled a pretty good cast of characters in his post.

One major omission, however, is the business manager. I’ve learned the hard way that a business is, first and foremost, a business and it needs to be tended to almost more than the products and services it represents. It needs someone to be constantly monitoring its health from a financial perspective, making sure its bringing in money, delivering on its promises, marketing its products correctly, filing its tax returns, paying its people, and all those boring other tasks that so many businesses neglect.

I believe that a good business manager exists, if not in ignorance of, then at least at arm’s length from, the business’ products. Most of the people Geof lists are smart and articulate technologists. What this endeavour needs it a person who is just, plain and simple, an experienced business person.

The product could initially be devised by this set of geniuses and even partially developed. But before heading to market to sell that fat pig, a business person would have to step in with a business plan, jiggedy jig.