3-D Information

I’ve recently been working on a site that, while not complex in nature, is very complex in structure.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time struggling with its dense information, making numerous efforts to diagram and describe its various informational aspects. it’s a tough one.

This morning, as I came back to the brilliant Omnigraffle and started laying down some more boxes and lines, I realized my problem: I’m attempting to diagram three-dimensional information in a 2-D drawing program. The concept I’ve got in my head requires a third dimension for explanation, but I’m working on a flat plane.

(I think what tweaked me on to the concept that I’m visualizing information in three dimensions is this new game I’ve been trying out from Pangea, Enigma 2.)

Of course, I can extend the breakdown of information depth across numerous flat composite drawings, but what a lot of work — plus it’s unlikely to ever be understood by the client. The other alternative is to grossly simplify the concepts. How much nicer it would be if Omnigraffle offered me the ability to build information in 3 dimensions.

I wonder if such an application exists?