Forget 1984…

Mac Helps PC With His Runny NoseI admit it: I’m a bit of a Mac zealot. I’ve used and loved Macs for over a decade (!) now, having owned about two dozen different models in that time (!).

It’s always been fun and easy to poke fun at PC users’ unstable/insecure/ugly machines. Apple, however, hasn’t had as much fun with the matter in their PR and marketing messages… until now.

The company just released the best collection of Mac commercials ever. They’re hilarious and get the point across that Macs are just better than PCs without ever even displaying a computer. Instead, a Mac is represented by a cool, hip young dude and the PC is a chubby older man dressed in a boring two piece. The two actors play out a few scenes that identify the benefits of a Mac over a PC. The best one is the Reboot one, which is just too funny (PC crashes and Mac guy says, “We had him there for a minute, then we lost him again.”)

UPDATE: Technocato compares the two characters in the commercials to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.