iChat Group Videoconferencing is For Real

iChat Group Video ConferenceI was beginning to wonder if all of Apple’s iChat marketing was just hype when today I finally had the opportunity to try out multi-user video conferencing for real. And it works!

That’s my mom at home in Macau, China, my partner Cindy and her colleague Bob at the office in the Horse, and me at home (yeah, bad hair day; what can I say?). There was a minor delay to Macau but otherwise it worked brilliantly well. I’m pretty stoked.

I’m digging the reflections on the surface below the screens and the way there arranged as though we’re all facing one another. Cindy had to leave the conference pretty quick to get back to work and when she did the window resized itself so just my Mom and I were in there.

All in all, pretty slick. It makes me wonder why anyone bothers with POTS anymore.