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PlanOn DocuPen RC800Ever been somewhere, like the doctor’s office, reading a magazine in the waiting room and come across an article you want to keep? What do you do? Rip it out? Hope to hell you remember the publishing details so you can look it up later?

That happens to me all the time. Often I pull out my Treo and attempt to take a picture. That’s pretty ineffectual. Sometimes I do scribble a note to myself on a piece of paper that I usually lose. The urge to tear the article out, or even steal the magazine is strong, but I’m too damn honest.

I was pretty stoked to discover the Docupen RC800 from PlanOn yesterday. I can’t really afford one, so I can’t vouch for its quality or effectiveness, but on the web it sure looks cool.

Basically, it’s a full-sheet colour handheld scanner in the form factor of a standard pen. One side is flat and you drag it across a page to capture its contents. So, if get caught in that doctor’s office again and see an article you’d like to keep, just pull out the Docupen, drag it across the page, and it’s yours. Too sweet!

I wonder if they’d send a mere blogger a test unit?

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  1. Is that ever cool! And hey, it’s only 300 bucks – surely you know a YTG employee who knows how to get the taxpayers to buy one you could borrow? 😀

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