Make Up Your Mind, Intuit

I decided to upgrade to Quicken 2006 this afternoon to gain some of the new features that Intuit had added over the last few years. I hit the Canadian site and was met with this message on their Mac product page:

Fair enough, I figured. How big can the Canadian Quicken for Mac community be?

On the American shopping cart page, however, there is a most hilarious alert that’s riddled with all sorts of reverse logic:

You have selected Canada as your billing address, but you have added the US version to your shopping cart.

In just one alert box they tell you that the product won’t work, that you need to go somewhere else (where there is no product) to get the product that will work, then they tell you the aforementioned product doesn’t exist and, hey, this one will work after all.

Doesn’t anybody proofread their web communication materials at Intuit?