XBox 360 For Sale

XBox 360 Bundle for SaleAnybody in the market for a slightly-used XBox 360?

It’s in great shape with nary a mark on it. It includes a 20 GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, two sets of rechargeable batteries for the controllers along with two “play and charge” cables. It’s also got a Wifi wireless network adapter for connecting to the internet.

I’ve got about 10 months of an XBox Live Gold subscription left on it, plus it carries an extended 3-year warranty with Microsoft. I’ve got the original box for the console and its main accessories, as well.

If you picked this kit up new it’d set you back about $800 but I’m going to let it go for a measly $600. Contact me while it’s still available, I’m andrew at wool sock dot ca.

You know you want it!

I’ve also got some XBox 360 games for sale:

  • Perfect Dark Zero – $38
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – $55
  • Condemned – $44
  • King Kong – $38

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