Mobile Web Follow Up

Typepadmobilepalm_1So close, yet…

Just a few days after my road trip my blogging service provider, Typepad, released a killer piece of software for moblogging, the former SplashBlog. Now that would have been cool to had this on the road.

They’ve rebranded this excellent application TypePad Mobile and perfectly integrated it with their own service. This clearly indicates a widespread demand for blogging capabilities away from the desktop.

Now, if the Horse would just take a small leap into the 21st Century, I could continue to enjoy moblogging within 1000 km of my home. Get it together, Bell!

2 thoughts on “Mobile Web Follow Up

  1. Yeah, TypePad does this too but the posting capabilities in terms of formatting and advanced features such as photo galleries are non-existant. The Palm software essentially provides full-on posting control, which I often wished for while on the road.

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