Great Canadian PresidentsAh, glory-be to the greatest of all modern technologies, the boob tube.

Sat down to scarf some supper in front of the tv, expecting nothing but cheap reality shows and endless reruns of Law and Order. Instead I was surprised to find Bob and Doug Mackenzie in Strange Brew. I had intended to take a very short dinner break and get back to work, but what better excuse for procrastination than a classic piece of Canadian cinema, eh?

I noticed a couple of interesting things in the movie. They use the word, “horked” as a synonym for “stole”, as in, “Look! Somebody horked our clothes!” (Check the MP3. And if that’s not enough, take off, eh!)

Then as they’re driving around in circa-1983 Scarborough or wherever they’re supposed to live I was surprised by how much it looked like modern day Surrey: dirty wide avenues lines by banks, gas stations, Indian food joints and 7-11s.

Another weird thing. As the brothers go into the Beer Store to try to procure a free 24-pack with their mouse-in-a-bottle, the customer before them orders a case of “Yukon Gold”. Indeed, it comes rolling down the ramp right at the camera, a pack of “Yukon Gold”.

I’m sure it’s not the same, but you can some of that stuff up here, too, eh?