iHome on the Range

Iport_iw_brochure03Just when you thought the iPod invasion was over, along comes a new product that just proves how integrated this little device into contemporary society.

The iPort IW (for “In-Wall”) is a docking station that you actually build into your wall, sort of like a light switch, and then run cables to your stereo. It defies logic, really. Why not just plug a free-standing docking station into your receiver? Well, as you can see from the photo, this is a fashion-over-function system. But how often do you have Brad Pitt look-alikes dropping by for drinks?

The problem with the iPort IW is that in 5 years it’ll look so old couture. Remember those in-wall telecomms every suburban home had installed in the 80s? Yuck.

Fortunately, the iPort folks had enough sense to introduce an FS model (for “free-standing”). They’re not too bad looking, either.