Notes on Northern Cell Phone Problems [CORRECTION]

I was a tad misquoted in yesterday’s News story in regards to dropped cell phone calls in the North.

The story, “Cellphone users in the Territory are having trouble communicating“, written by Graeme McElheran Leighann Chalykoff, misquotes a couple of things I said during a brief phone interview.

In the fifth paragraph, I’m quoted as saying: “I was in Tagish last week and I couldn’t even get a call out”. In fact, I said I was in Teslin in late July, just after they launched the service. It’s true, though, that I couldn’t get a call out. I sat in my car and tried for a full 30 minutes to no avail. Teslin is a Latitude-covered community and I actually mentioned this occurence to Mr. McNutt directly about a month ago.

A few paragraphs later I’m quoted as saying: “I remember when the internet hit the same problem years ago in the North and you couldn’t get online because all the modem megs were full”. This is very true, but they are modem “banks” not “megs”.

Despite these minor inaccuracies, I’m very happy to see our mainstream press covering some important local technology issues. The local cell network is pathetically inadequate for the growing needs and demands of northerners and is deparately in need of both a capacity and technology upgrade. Let’s hope more stories like this are published and spur Bell and Latitude onward (I won’t even mention ICE, a company I consider a hopelessly mismanaged lost cause).

Correction: On the Yukon News web site the story I’m referring to was originally attributed to Graeme McElheran which was incorrect. Leighann Chalykoff was actually the writer and I have corrected my reference here.

3 thoughts on “Notes on Northern Cell Phone Problems [CORRECTION]

  1. Andrew (and whoever posted the previous comment on this page),

    I didn’t write the story you’re refering to. In fact, to my memory, you and I have never had an interview. Can you please correct this blog entry?

    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Graeme,
    if you follow the link in my blog entry it leads to the story I’m referring to and it’s your name on the byline.

    I realize you didn’t interview me for the story, it was a woman I spoke with, but take note that in this blog entry I’m referring to the content of the article, not the interview per se.

    If you could tell me who actually wrote that story and have it corrected on the News site then I’d be more than happy to correct my attributions here.


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