400% Markup Makes Laptop Batteries Profitable Business

Jason O’Grady took apart his iBook battery last week to learn it was full of AAs soldered together and hooked up to a little chunk of circuit board. I always thought there was some sort of magic in these things, but it appears the only magic is in the marketing.

Dan Knight over at Low End Mac analyzed O’Grady’s discovery only to learn that not only were these fairly standard rechargeable AAs, but they were pretty much the cheapest sort that money could buy. He priced them out at about $30. Considering the going retail price for a replacement laptop battery is in the $120-range, that’s some serious markup.

2 thoughts on “400% Markup Makes Laptop Batteries Profitable Business

  1. In theory, yeah, as Dan Knight suggests, if PC manufacturers embedded the battery circuit board into their main laptop design, then one could power a laptop with off-the-shelf rechargeable batteries, with several caveats that he specifies.

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