Bill Gates’ Personal Workflow

I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft but one can’t help but have respect for Bill Gates, he’s definitely a remarkable mind.

So it’s interesting to read this column he wrote for CNN Money that describes some details about his personal workflow. Really, what it comes down to is a hefty dose of workflow discipline combined with a good sense of organization.

I’m all on board with Mr. Gates in the sense of rarely working with paper. I despise the stuff. It’s so much easier to communicate and share ideas electronically. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with me and too much effort is spent getting things to “print right”.

And it’s nice to hear him comment on how he doesn’t really dig to-do lists. I have trouble with them as well, and I like some of his ideas for alternative task-managment methodologies.

If nothing else, click over to see the photo at the bottom of the column with Mr. Gates looking like he’s at the wrong end of a bad day. See? He is a human after all.