Free Mobile Calling! (WiFi Skype Phones)

But this phone now!Engadget has some great gadget porn of their unboxing this stylish little device.

It’s the Skype WiFi phone from Netgear. About the size of a cell phone, and designed to operate the same, you can use this gizmo to make phone calls from any Wifi network, event secure ones, via Skype. That means, essentially, free phone calls.

Belkin offers an alternative product in an opposing tone, sort of their version of Darth Vader to Netgear’s Luke.

Buy the Belkin Skype Phone NowPersonally, I like the look of the Belkin product over the Netgear (much easier to keep clean, for one, plus the keys on the Netgear phone are kinda silly-looking). I’ve always head better luck with Belkin products, too, and find their build quality outstanding.

The Belkin phone is considerably cheaper than the Netgear ($180 USD vs. $250), I’m not sure why. Amazon’s reviews seem to indicate a subtle quality difference.

Both phones are available “soon”. Amazon won’t ship to Canada, and their ship date for the Netgear device is late October; they have neither a price nor a ship date for the Belkin unit.

I found an online Canadian reseller that lists both products. The Netgear phone is priced at a whopping $357.60 (!) and is slated to ship on September 21 (that’s next week, way ahead of Amazon’s date; methinks I’ve found an error). The Belkin phone is on preorder for $212.95 and they “anticipate” shipping in late September. Sheesh, for that price difference I’d go over to the dark side.

One thought on “Free Mobile Calling! (WiFi Skype Phones)

  1. so…essentially….what you’ve got here (at least in whitehorse)…is…a cell phone…that only works in your house? you can currently buy a cordless skype phone from vTech (i see the ads during jays games), so i’m not sure what the big deal is. until free wi-fi proliferates a lot more, i don’t really see the point.

    btw: i would’ve gone with the darth vader/storm trooper analogy, myself…. ;P

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