Alright… Who’s Idea of a Joke is This?

VTech 2.4GHz : t2326-01 (black)The other day I received a box that arrived expedited via UPS from VTech in Richmond. Inside, not surprisingly (seeing as it was from VTech) was a phone.

Odd. I didn’t order a phone.

There was no packing slip inside. No note regarding its source or reason for being in a box addressed to me. I called VTech. The customer service representative was caught off balance. He had no explanation and struggled to explain why I might have received a phone from them. I’m not even in their customer database.

Unfortunately, it’s not the greatest phone. It’s a sort of run-of-the-mill 2.4GHz cordless you’d find at Wal-Mart or Superstore. So, I guess it’s okay. It must be functional.

So, the question I have for readers of this blog: is somebody playing a joke on me? Are you poking some fun at a blogger who’s obsessed with hi-tech gadgetry by sending him some lo-fi product.

Because if you are, it worked. I’m just sitting here obsessing over why, if this is an error, it didn’t involve some totally rad product like a Sony Milo or a Slingbox (truly my heart’s desire these days). Heck, I’d even write a review.

2 thoughts on “Alright… Who’s Idea of a Joke is This?

  1. If it is too low class for you I can use it in my Kindergarten house centre, just send it on over, the children would love it.

  2. Hey, this EXACT same thing happened to me. Actually it came addressed to my girlfriend. Skype VTech Phone. No idea why we were sent it. Contact me directly, would love discuss your theories (


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