I Hereby Challenge YITIS…

…to engage in the 2006 Yukon Election.

Most other special-interests groups, including the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Yukon Medical Association, are engaging candidates and their parties in their organizations’ special focus. For example, CPAWS sent a questionnaire to parties to gauge their level of interest and commitment in “green” issues. The YMA has released their view of an election platform.

As a result, they’re turning their societies’ interests into public election issues.

I think this needs to happen for IT as well and so I’ve been writing about this in my Yukon News Geek Love column.

But, y’know, I’m just one man fighting the good fight for Yukon geeks here and I’m really just a rambling curmudgeon with no mandate other than my own wild dreams. The political parties will do little more than snub their noses at my words.

Yet, as an information professional, I feel it’s important to hear from the politicians in regards to how they plan to engage and improve this important industry I make a living from. After all, Fentie has been blowing hot air in regards to the arts, culture, film and sound industries. What about IT?

I would insist that it’s incumbent upon YITIS as a formal society that purports to represent the Yukon IT industry to engage in this election.

YITIS must get all of the political parties to outline their interests and intentions in regards to the IT industry. How will they improve our capacity? How will they spur entrepreneurism (i.e. will they pump more money into YTIC and expand its scope?)? How can they improve access to IT for the average citizen? What do they plan to do to improve their use of IT as a service to citizens? And, most importantly, what will they do to reign in the wild-west-world of sole source contracting?

So, I hereby challenge YITIS to perform this important role of a special-interests society and engage in the election. Get every party to make some commitments you can use as leverage to acheive your goals once a government is formed. But, most importantly, make the IT industry an issue in this election. Prove to us that you are a qualified representative of we geeks’ special interests.

If you fail to live up to this important obligation you’ll also fail to live up to your inherent obligations as a industry society and will lose credibility.

Come on, boys. I can’t do it alone, here. Show me your stuff.

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  1. I only have 3.5 hrs/day of productive time, the rest of the day I spend with my son. I can’t afford to spare any of that time for anything other than revenue generation.

    Besides, ranting is more fun and takes only moments. 😉

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