The Horse Goes 1X

So the Big Boys from Bell were in the Horse this morning to usher in a new telecommunications era in the North: 1X digital cell. It may not sound lke much, but take it from me, that’s big folks. We’re now on a level playing field with the rest of Canada (if you ignore the fact that we still have just one internet pipe).

Our local Bell Boy, the one and only Chris McNutt laid a Motorola Q on me so’s I can really sink my teeth into this 1X thing (without racking up a killer bill on my own Treo). That’s the device I’m composing this post on, actually.

First impressions? It’s as good as other places I’ve had the opportunity to use 1X. Really why wouln’t it be? The botto line, really, is that’s it just awsometo have available. Like, I got stuck in a long line up at the CIBC and didn’t notice the time pass as I spent it catching up on the news on BBC’s mobile site.

According to Jim Jacques, Bell’s Senior VP, with the upgrade to 1X, overall cell service, including voice calls, should be improved. I’ve found this to be true. This afternoon alone I’ve placed several calls using this Motorola Q, including one that lasted over 30 minutes, and found audio quality to be vastly improved over just a few days ago. Of course, that may be due just to the device, but I’ll write more about the Q versus the Treo later.

That said, if there’s any doubt that cell service in the Horse is getting better, Mr. McNutt reported that December 1 will see a significant hardware upgrade to the local infrastructure, mainly to increase capacity.

At first blush, 1X in the Horse gets my seal of approval.

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