2007: Looking Forward to a Year Filled with Change

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting, revitalizing one for
geeks like me. It’s going to involve a lot of change — more than ever
before, in fact. So things could get a bit confusing for the average
But that’s what I’m here for. I’ll continue to try and make sense of
the technical mumbo jumbo in coming weeks and months. Speaking of
which, here are my predictions for what I expect to be writing about in

In quick summary, 2007 promises to reduce our dependence on traditional
forms of media like newspapers and radio. It threatens to kill email
(and that’s a good thing). 2007 will give big companies like Microsoft
and Sony a swift kick to their collective backside, taking these
corporate behemoths down a few notches. Next year portable power will
take a massive leap forward. Most excitingly, within the next 12 months
we’ll have a mobile device that perfectly merges personal and business
communication with entertainment and productivity.

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Give Some Geek Love this Christmas

These days it’s easy to impress just about anyone with a gift of
technology. Most of the kit on the market is designed to be so cool
that, despite the fact most of it is rather pedestrian, it still turns
folks’ cranks.

Take cell phones, for example. The majority of devices
in Bell’s stable are pretty much a yawn. However, units like the
Motorola RAZR look so rad they’re easy to get excited about.

So in the interests of truly blowing minds, I’m going to make a couple
of gift suggestions for the most discerning audience on your list:
kids. The young ‘uns these days have pretty much grown up swimming in
gadgetry. They’ve built up some immunity to the stuff. If you want to
impress them, you’ll have to work extra hard.

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The “Daily We” Challenges Traditional Media

Less than half of Canadians trust the information they receive from the media. Newspaper readership is on the decline; over 60% of Canadians identified the internet as their major source for news last year. Blogs and other online independent news sources are flourishing and having a direct effect on world events. Is the traditional world of print and broadcast media headed for extinction?
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