Decision Made

Lenovo X60 TabletI know you’re all waiting with baited breath (whatever that means) to hear of a decision regarding my purchase of a Windoze-based tablet, so here it is.

I’ve just ordered a Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad X60 Tablet with a Multiview touchscreen. There were a lot of reasons I selected this model, but one stood out in particular: the touchscreen.

With this computer I can use both the stylus to write on the screen, and my finger to operate it. This is the only tablet computer on the market that can do this.

I’ve been reading a lot about what’s generally called “touch” computing and I’ve come to believe that this is a key future direction for technology. Many tablet PC experts, Australia’s Hugo Ortega in particular, believe that touch computing is the future. If you consider what Apple’s doing with the iPhone and the potential for new touch-based devices that promises, there’s a lot of credence to this idea

I must say, however, that at the end of this long journey, the act of buying a PC computer is painful. So that’s what I’m going to write a column about this week.

(By the way, Mom, I bought a webcam, too, so we can video conference in iChat from this fancy new machine.)

3 thoughts on “Decision Made

  1. Is the Lenovo you ordered shipping with Vista installed?

    Which screen did you decide on?

    Would you mind posting your specs?


  2. Hi John,

    I ordered a Lenovo X60 Tablet with the MultiTouch screen. Specs are Intel Core Duo L2400 (1660 MHz), 1024MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive. I also picked up an extra GB of RAM to support Vista.

    None of the X60 Tablets in Canada ship with Vista pre-installed, unfortunately, so I’m going to have to do the upgrade myself. Not looking forward to that.

    If you’re interested in one, don’t buy direct through Lenovo. I heard from two reliable sources that they “feed the channel first,” which basically mean they supply resellers before their own customers.

    I bought from SoftChoice ( If you’re in Canada, call Lisa Jabbusch (888-607-7638 ext.4212). She’s really helpful and will give you a great deal.

  3. Lenovo is at the top of my shopping list, and always has been, when it comes to PC boxes. I’ve owned three IBM towers and I’ve been happy with them all, so if I was to buy another PC, it’d absolutely be a Lenovo. Sadly, as you’ve stated, when it comes to configuring the system, that customization screen is an absolute disaster. It’s so difficult to use that I want to – gasp! – pick up the telephone.

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