(Yet Another) Yukon Internet Outage?

Internet in the YukonA couple hours ago I arrived back at my Mac to find the internet dead. I reset my ADSL modem and rebooted a few times to no avail. Based on my last incoming email and the RSS feeds in my reader, things went down at about 11:30pm.

An operator at Northwestel told me that, as far as they were concerned, everything was okay. She set me up with a trouble ticket.

It’s 3:15am now and some web sites are becoming accessible. Did my call shake things up, or is it just coincidence? It’s pretty pathetic to consider that end users might represent the company’s network monitoring system.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. The downtime was just enough for me to compose a grumpy column about the lame internet service in the Yukon (I’d originally intended to write about something that required online research, but was stymied by the outage).

Did anyone else in the Yukon experience connection outages overnight tonight (on Thursday)?

5 thoughts on “(Yet Another) Yukon Internet Outage?

  1. My Navigo connection is always really solid. Of course, I wasn’t up at 1 a.m. to test the connection, but I’m sure there was lights blinking and bits floating.

  2. yeah, i was in bed before it went out last night, but was up at 5:00 this morning and it was still pretty dodgy. it’s now almost 9:00 and it’s just come back up to ‘normal’ (whatever that means) in the last hour or so, i think.the weirdest part of these most recent outages is that they’re so….well….weird. neither of my desktops (one wired lan, one wireless) could access northwestel.net web-mail (a good baseline test, i figure), but my notebook (wireless) could.this has been the case in the last two outages (at least) and it freaks me out, ’cause i always start to think it’s something on my network that’s wiggin’ out.

  3. Local services, such as Navigo connection would have been fine. My ADSL was working, too. I’m referring to the connection further upstream, i.e. the connection into BC.

  4. It is still pretty sketchy. Apparently NWTel has equipment down in Watson Lake.The real problem is that there is no redundancy built into our single pipe to ‘the world’ and it is a real hodgepodge of technology. Copper, fibre and microwave make up the link south and if one fails say buh-bye to the web, ATM, POS etc. In recent memory the fibre has been cut a few times in Northern BC by someone ‘digging’. Out in the real world, the web is, well, like a web. Cut one fibre, no problem….traffic routes around it. It was first built (by the US military) to be bullet proof, and in practice it is just that. but here, at theedgeoftheweb we aren’t so lucky.I think it is high time that the gov (or someone) steps up and builds a redundant link because hell will freeze over before NWTel does it. One (relatively) economical route would be over the Whitepass and joining the Oceanic Fibre cable that connects AK to the lower 48. The Whitepass railway, like most rail roads is a traditional communications conduit. No surveying required; just started trenching and laying the fibre. Of course an agreement would have to be struck with AK to lease bandwidth but I’m sure they would leap at the chance to make some hay of us to help fund their infrastructure.Businesses, banks, hospitals, schools and the average Joe have grown dependent on the technology of the internet. We need connectivity, and we need it to work 100% of the time, no less.

  5. YES, all yukoners need another link to the outside world.I am in communication with Asia all the time for the past 3 years. When the big earthquake in Taiwan cut 6 of the 7 links, I was still able to connect with Asia. It is about time we should get a better system. I am just the average Joe.

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