Google Desktop for Mac: Should I Care? (Update)

Google Desktop for MacGoogle has unleashed a Mac version of its Desktop software this morning. Maybe I’m missing something, but to my mind this event can be summed up with one word: meh.

It just seems to do things that other Mac apps can already do, better. Desktop search? Spotlight. Launch apps and documents with a single keystroke? Quicksilver or Butler.

So I have to ask: should I care? Are there any Windows users out there who absolutely swear by Google Desktop? Why?

(Note, Google Desktop for Windows came preinstalled on my tablet and one of the first things I did was uninstall it because it seemed to take up so much screen real estate for no good reason.)

Update: Jason O’Grady thinks it rivals Spotlight in terms of desktop search. Tim Gaden generally approves of its integration with Mail plug-ins like (the awesome) MailTags.

4 thoughts on “Google Desktop for Mac: Should I Care? (Update)

  1. To address your question literally, no we all should not. I do not intend to brag about how the app misses the point concerning other Mac apps doing way better. Let me just tell you that I installed Google Desktop on my PPC Mac mini and this is a resource hog, to say the least.Yeah, sure I like the interface, but it takes sooooo long to index the drive. It just fails miserably in comparison to Spotlight…To give you my cue: Having dabbled with it a while I will surely deinstall it in a few hours. On the other note, it’s good to see Google trying to balance the product lines across the OS platforms. In this case, it’s just good for them, literally.

  2. Obviously you’ve never used the Windows search or find functions, nevermind Outlook’s appalling search capability. Then you’d know why people use Google Desktop Search.

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