No iPhone for Canada…?

iPhone BoySometimes living beside that hulking behemoth called the United States of America can be like culinary torture: you can smell that tasty cooking but you can’t even sample a morsel. Apple’s upcoming iPhone is a good example of this.

It looks like the last couple of months of rumours and speculation about Rogers picking up the iPhone in Canada have been just that. The CBC quotes Rogers Wireless’ manager of corporate communications, Odette Coleman, as saying: “We haven’t announced whether we will carry the iPhone … everything in the media has been speculations to this point.”

Looks like the planned raids on US border towns will have to remain scheduled. Hey, Cingular Wireless in Bellingham: hoser invasion alert for June 11. Stock up on beer and back bacon, eh?

One thought on “No iPhone for Canada…?

  1. That’s interesting because I got an email from Rogers saying they would be supplying the iphone. Also last week at one of the Rogers outlets, they told me to expect the phone in August.

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