MultiTouch? More Like MultiWhack

Lenovo X60 MultiTouch TabletI had high hopes for the Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet that I ordered. I decided on a lower resolution display (1024×768), because one of the models came with a “MultiTouch” display. As you can see from the picture, this purportedly would allow me to drive the tablet with my finger.

I’m used to operating my Palm Treo 650 with my finger and really enjoy the experience. Unfortunately, Lenovo’s solution is not as well executed.

Rather than a MultiTouch, I would call the Lenovo experience MultiTap.

To get the screen on the tablet to respond required a very hefty whack of the finger tip, resulting in a very inaccurate pointing experience. And unlike my Treo, I couldn’t use my fingertip to select blocks of text or drag-and-drop icons. Furthermore, the display wasn’t as responsive as I would have liked, and often required several finger whacks before it registered my action. Things within about a centimetre of the edge of the display (like the links in the amazing TimesReader) simply couldn’t be accessed with a fingertip.

Fortunately, I’m dealing with an awesome reseller, SoftChoice, and my sales rep is going to exchange my current unit for a higher resolution XSGA (1400×1050) model without a touch screen.