The Geek Love Effect…?

Lenovo MastheadMy tender ego would like to have me believe that this little blog has had an effect on a multi-national company’s web site. Last week I posted about Lenovo’s Lameness in claiming to include software on their X60 tablets that just isn’t there. Well, after a lovely Easter weekend gunning around the neighbourhood with my son on his new bike, it was nice to visit Lenovo’s web site to see they’d rectified part of the problem I identified.

No Vista on Lenovo X60As you can see in the screen grab, they’ve removed the reference to Windows Vista as being preinstalled. The reference to OneNote 2003 remains, but I’m hoping they’ve fixed that one some other way, namely by starting to include it on the X60 Tablets (it really is an awesome piece of software, and 2007 is even better).

So what do you think? Did a Lenovo rep tune into my blog and feel the Geek Love?

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