How Confused is Lenovo?

Lenovo MastheadEver since I RMA’d my first X60 Tablet last week I’ve been back to obsessing over what to replace it with.

Until this morning I thought I had that figured out. I was going to order model 6363HAU, with a high-resolution (1400 x 1050) display, 120 GB hard drive, and cellular modem for wireless internet access. Then I noticed a problem: on my reseller’s web site, that particular model’s specs identified that it has a low-resolution (1024 x 768) display.

Thus began a series of phone calls to Lenovo that has led me to conclude that Lenovo Canada’s marketing team is on a permanent lunch break.

Lenovo’s ConfusionI spoke to a guy named Rick at Lenovo Canada sales this morning. He assured me that the 6363HAU sported a 1400 x 1050 display. Moments later I received an email from my sales agent at Softchoice. She’d also called Lenovo; they’d assured her that the 6363HAU was a low-resolution unit.

I called Rick back and badgered him some more. He dug around in a variety of databases at Lenovo and found equal amounts of documentation that identified the 6363HAU as sporting either of the two displays. He took my email address and told me he’d go confirm the display specs with his technicians.

While I awaited his reply I browsed around the Lenovo web site some more and noticed that they’d updated it with some new Core 2 Duo X60 Tablet models. I didn’t put much credence in this as about a month ago the Lenovo US web site was accidentally updated with the Core 2 Duo models weeks before they were actually to be available.

However, check out the screen grab. The display specs for the “6363C7U” Core 2 Duo model, at the leftmost, are “SXGA+ TFT 1024×768”. Oops! It’s either one or the other, folks. Somebody better go call Lenovo Canada’s marketing people back from coffee.


I just received this email from Rick:

Hey Andrew

I confirmed the resolution

It definately does have the SXGA+ 1400 X 1050

So it looks like that’s the model for me, after all. It’ll be interesting to see what actually comes out of the box when it arrives, however.

3 thoughts on “How Confused is Lenovo?

  1. I must admit, this looks pretty insane to me. By the way, last week I had a brief look on the specs at the Lenovo Poland’s site – it claimed the model you had purchased was sporting 1.6GHz Pentium M Mobile. Although I’m sure Polish customers don’t get the very fresh models on the shelves as the priority this still looks a creepy mess.If I were walking in your shoes I would definitely dumb Lenovo because of disqualifying inconsistency in the marketing resources.Regarding the changes on the specs you indicated, there’s this one (Polish) proverb I particularly like myself and it goes as: the price doubles for one buying too quickly (no pun intended Andrew). Anyway, good luck to you with this struggle.

  2. When you’re finished torturing yourself with this Lenovo buying experience, come on back to the Evil Apple. For my new iMac, I simply upped the RAM and video card, then pressed Checkout. Two weeks later my computer arrived precisely as I ordered it. Imagine that.

  3. I’ve learned over the years that to be a MS Windows user, you must first most be a masochist. Why else would you go through the hoops and problems just to use a computer. I suggested the ModBook.

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