The Tablet PC Experience is Worth the Pain

Lenovo X60 TabletTwo of my goods friends, Michael Maslowski and Geof Harries, and my Dad, are clearly exasperated with my ongoing, borderline masochistic consumer experience with purchasing a Lenovo Thinkpad X60 Tablet. And, to be honest, so am I.

As I’ve written in Geek Love (My Time on the Torture Rack of Online PC Shopping), the whole PC-buying experience is extremely painful and far too complicated. My recent troubles with the misinformation being generated by Lenovo’s web site have compounded the frustration.

But you know what? It’s worth it. I’ve tasted the tablet PC experience and there’s just no going back to old fashioned computing after its flavour hits your tongue.

I had a ThinkPad X60 Tablet in my possession for a little over a week and I have to say that it was a life-changing experience, more so even than HDTV (Do Your Dream in HD?). The tablet form factor and user experience is truly revolutionary and enhances productivity by leaps and bounds. Using a stylus to sketch ideas and jot down notes is just so much more natural an activity than struggling with a keyboard and mouse to capture those fleeting moments of inspiration.

Truly though, I could buy another brand. Lenovo isn’t the only tablet PC game in town. The Toshiba R400 is a stunning example of a modern Vista-based tablet. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for the limited number of features it offers (to my mind). Fujitsu’s LifeBook 4215 is also an admirable tablet, but suffers minor flaws that I find unacceptable, such as the gutter in the screen bezel that holds the stylus.

Based on my extensive research and analysis of my personal requirements, Lenovo’s offering is just about perfect. And as I mentioned before, it’s only Lenovo’s marketing that sucks. The engineering and build quality of the ThinkPad itself is truly outstanding.

Even after just a week with a tablet PC, it amazes me that these machines aren’t more popular. I don’t understand why anyone buys a standard laptop PC anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Tablet PC Experience is Worth the Pain

  1. Andrew, I wasn’t picking at you whatsoever; I do approve your commitment and the “martyr to the cause” approach.Regarding the build quality: indeed, Thinkpads have been known for their rigid construction; “sturdy”, or preferably “robust” monikers have been applied to the machines frequently. My friend has one (I cannot remember the specs, but it was the 2006 X series model) and I need to admit – the overall build quality is outstanding.Apple, on the other note, has nothing to feel ashamed for. The composites used for outer casings of the iBooks/MacBooks are very rigid as well. I have a friend who once dropped his iBook, then sat on it (almost 100 kilos of flesh) – no problem to record up to date; It’s the resilience of the plastic that saved the machine from those huge tensions.But with Lenovo, it’s all about these tiny details: the keyboard liquid sink (does not require smart engineering – but it’s worth each penny you pay if you have ever spilled sth on the keyboard); take the magnesium cover as ann example – it’s flexible, resistant to pressure as well. The layout of interior components has been devised really clever – it’s so compact…Good luck Andrew with machine; and – I almost forgot – please provide us with some reports on battery life – that might be particularly interesting.

  2. I agree. I think the touch pad is the way to go. Unfortunately the technology has some significant catching up to do. Just read about a guy in the UK who has created a tablet using the mini as the base unit.

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