Tired: Skype, Wired: Jajah

JajahI’m happy to declare that the sun is setting on the lame world of Skype. Anyone who uses this crap technology regularly will certainly join me in this rejoicing.

A relatively new internet-based telephony service, Jajah, is somewhat similar to Skype in that it provides dirt-cheap or free (between Jajah users) international telephone calls. The difference is, with Jajah, you’re not tethered to your PC or Mac for the duration of the call, and there’s no software client to install. All of a sudden Skype just seems so old fashioned.

With Jajah, you initiate the call using your computer, and Jajah hands it off to your regular landline or mobile phone. What’s great is that the initiation interface is very flexible. There’s a plug-in for the Mac OS Address Book, for example, so you can start a call by clicking on a contact. If you’re a Firefox fan you can install an add-on that enables you to click on any phone number on a web page to kick-start a call.

Hit Jajah, people, and prepare to send Skype where it belongs: the trash bin.

6 thoughts on “Tired: Skype, Wired: Jajah

  1. In a nutshell: quality. The Skype desktop app is abysmally designed and engineered. Skype’s call quality is absolutely awful, sub-VOIP. And their web site is a disorganized mess.

  2. Jeah, jajah is THE upcoming web2.0 application. Sound quality is great, web interface very handy and most of all very cheap! Give it a try!

  3. First started using skype 2 years ago…it was rubbish. Now, however is time for credit when it is due – skype has improved by leaps and bounds – well done skype, excellent quality.

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