Investors Forcing Apple to Think Green

I Love My Mac. I Just Wish it Came in Green.MacWorld reports that Trillium Asset Management, an investment firm that specializes in socially-responsible investing, has tabled a resolution for Apple’s annual meeting on May 10 to have the company remove hazardous chemicals from its products.

Steve Lippman, vice president of social research at Trillium, pointed out that Apple is simply failing to live up to the environmental standards being set by other PC manufacturers like Dell:

“Apple has just lagged,” said Lippman. “They have said they are addressing the issue, but they haven’t set any timetables.”

Apple, in their traditional fashion of ignorance, is attempting to suppress the motion. The company has filed a no-vote argument with the SEC.

Apple, I love ya, but pull your thick head out of the sand!

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