The Internet Goes Old Skool

GlobeBack in the day, when networks were private, gated communities that you had to pay a fee to enter, you could get around them with single-word navigation. Want to view the news in AOL? Type “news.” Crazy about rugby? Just type the word.

Then came the interweb with its dub-dub-dub and dot this-and-that, elements which really offer little pragmatic benefit.

Well, OpenDNS is kicking it old skool.  They’ve introduces a shortcuts service that enables you to configure and browse the interweb likes it’s your own private CompuServe. One word network navigation is back in style. Nice. The w on my keyboard is breathing a sigh of relief.

One thought on “The Internet Goes Old Skool

  1. Nice Andrew… Very funny post. Having keywords you control is about as old school as the net gets. It’s like using the `alias` command in unix. :-)Thanks for the plug.

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