Northwestel Cable: Twice as Fast and $20 Cheaper

Northwestel Cable just upgraded their entire infrastructure in Whitehorse and I just had their High Speed Ultra product installed in my home. I have one word: nice.
I get roughly double the download speed compared to my ADSL connection (which is still hooked up), but the upload rate unfortunately does not appear to have improved.
But don’t take my word for it, check out the screen shots of the speed test graphs below.
Here’s Northwestel’s ADSL service: 
Northwestel ADSL Speed Test
And here’s Northwestel Cable’s service:
Northwestel Cable Speed Test
Northwestel Cable advertises download rates of up to 10 Mbps and it looks like they’re good for it.
Even better, though, the new service works out to be a lot cheaper than Northwestel’s ADSL. My High Speed Ultra service has been setting me back $80 each month, plus the roughly $35 cost of a phone line to host the service (I don’t actually use the landline for anyting else). That’s $115 a month for high speed internet.
Since I have a basic cable package with Northwestel Cable I’ll be paying a mere $70 a month for their High Speed Ultra package with a 20 GB ceiling.
It’s still expensive compared to other parts of Canada, however.
Shaw offers a 10 Mbps service with a 100 GB ceiling for a mere $40, for example. If you don’t have cable with Northwestel Cable and sign up for High Speed Ultra, you’ll pay $90 a month. With Shaw at that price point you’d get 25 Mbps download speeds and a 150 GB ceiling (wouldn’t that be sweet?).
Ah, the price of living north of 60. Bandwidth poverty.
All the same, I’m not complaining. Once I cancel my ADSL and phone line I’ll be saving $55 a month. 

3 thoughts on “Northwestel Cable: Twice as Fast and $20 Cheaper

  1. hmpf. those speed tests prove nuthin’. when you can show that Service A is better than Service B (i don’t care who they are) in terms of download speed and latency (ping times) and (here’s the kicker) you’re measuring between, say, 3:00pm and midnight, then i’ll be impressed and would seriously consider switching….

  2. Try this on for size: I hit 1100+ KB/s download tonight, sustained. I downloaded a 1.4 GB file in just over 20 minutes. With Northwestel ADSL I was lucky to get 300 KB/s, and even if I did, the transfer rate was up and down like a yo-yo.

  3. I just contacted Northwestel Cable and will be switching from my ADSL to a cable service. So far I have been very unsatisfied with the ADSL instability and overall service.

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