Best. Kids. Album. Ever.

I grew up with what was, at the time, some pretty cool kids music. Sharon Lois and Bram. Raffi. Heck, even the Irish Rovers did a decent version of Puff the Magic Dragon (that I can’t find anywhere).

But, bar none, the best kids album ever is Here Come the ABCs by They Might Be Giants.

If you grew up with any alt sensibility at all, then you know TMBG are da bomb anyway. (Heck, if you haven’t whigged out to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) your life is too straight.) But set them loose with the freedom to write some kooky tunes about the alphabet and you shouldn’t expect anyting less than pure kid-rockin’ genius. Heck, it’s worth a listen even if you don’t have kids.

It’s the only kids album that I can honestly say I rock out to as much as my son. It’s pure alt-pop that’s fun, bouncy, sunny, and 100% irreverant. My favourite track is “D is for Drums,”  and “C Is for Conifers,” while Cole totally digs “Fake Believe” and “Go for G.”

They’ve got a new album out, Here Come the 123s, which is also very good. And if that’s not enough they have a brilliant free Friday Night Podcast that features videos from both albums in between puppet version of John and John goofing around.