My New Mobile: Blackberry Curve 8330

Looks like my frustration with the HTC 5800 peaked at just the right time: Bell Mobility announced the release of the Blackberry Curve 8330 one week ago. That’s the CDMA version of the landmark smartphone that GSM folks in more privileged parts of the world have had access to for over a year.

I consider the Curve the poorman’s iPhone, despite the fact that it actually costs more. It’s definitely not as pretty or user-friendly as the iPhone, and it’s severely lacking in the memory department (96MB vs 8GB — WTF?!), but it’s the best you can get when you live in the boonies.

Two nice bonuses the 8330 has over both the iPhone and the GSM Curve are GPS and video recording. 

When I spoke to the sales rep at Bell, he asked if I wanted a black or silver unit. I said black, of course. This is a picture of the Sprint version in black and, damn, I must say that’s a sweet looking unit. I hope that’s what he was referring to. Of course, the sale rep also asked if I wanted it in purple, so who really knows what I’ll get.

I just received notice from Bell that my unit shipped last night. I’ve already purchased a license for Mark/Space’s the Missing Sync for Blackberry in acticipation.

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