falling in love all over again

 As I search for a cross-platform and iPhone-friendly groupware platform on which to operate the communications and sharing operations of the day care I’m currently running, I find myself falling in love with Yahoo’s Zimbra again.

I tried it once before and, while I liked it, it didn’t suit my purpose at the time (not to mention it didn’t support Safari back then). Plus, I find that it’s everything I’d hoped for in Apple’s MobileMe service, and so much more.

Zimbra’s web interface, unlike MobileMe, is one only a geek could love, but it exceptional functionality more than makes up for that blasé look and feel. (Zimbra’s web-based iPhone interface is killer, though.) And after my preferred Zimbra provider, 01.com, upgrades to Zimbra 5.0.8 this weekend, their service will have more push-appeal than Apple can ever hope to muster.

I like it so much, in fact, that I’ve turfed the free Google Apps in favour of Zimbra. The IMAP implementation is way better and the overall level of integration between the various services (contacts, calendar, email, and documents) is vastly superior. Well worth the $4-odd per month per account.

One thought on “falling in love all over again

  1. Andrew, I’ve been playing with Zimbra myself. Agree that the potential for true mobile solution lies within grasp with Zimbra. My question relates to battery drain on iPhone with Zimbra Mobile ActiveSync. My battery is SUCKED dry in a few hours. What is your experience? Also, do you use the Zimbra web, desktop, or other client (Outlook, Entourage, OS X clients with Zimbra iSync pref)? Interested in your experience there too. Thanks!

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