Ever since the Facebook client on my Curve inexplicably quit posting images a month or so back, I’ve been on the hunt for a real moblog client.

I tried the Typepad Blackberry client for a while but was underwhelmed. It’s slow and failure-prone. Plus, the interface uses some ugly font that doesn’t even make an effort to anti-alias. Like, ew.

One of the first things I did when I got my iPhone, then, was snag the Typepad client for my new favourite platform. One word: sweet. Now this is moblogging, baby.

I really recognized how near-perfect a moblog client that Typepad for iPhone was when, just for kicks, I downloaded its WordPress competitor

What a crummy implementation. The interface is all wrong and some of its most basic functions are masked in obtuse metaphors. Like, you have to change the status of an entry to get it to post. What? Why not just put a big, fat “POST” button on the screen?That’s what Typepad does and, heck, it makes sense.

But that’s just one complaint. I got tons more, but I won’t bore you.

In the end, I might be willing to blow a few bucks a month on a Typepad account just for the killer iPhone moblog client.

Plus, in a pinch, I can fall back on the rather yucky Blackberry iteration. Yeah, I wear pinstripe ginch.

Then again, how hard is it to just email posts to an account here at Bad Robot? Hmmmm….