top ten crap software: simply accounting

Simply Accounting Premium 2008Since I took over at the day care, I’ve been basically forced to start engaging with what I now consider to be one of the worst excuses for a professional software application ever: Simply Accounting Premium 2008. Every time I use this application there is a problem that costs me time and, therefore, my organization money.

Like, just yesterday, we were doing payroll. Already a time-consuming task, even without problems, Simply decided to make it worse. With no changes made by myself or my colleague, our printing settings for cheques were suddenly different. We had it set up to print in a specific format to pre-printed cheques in duplicate. Simply didn’t want to do this anymore. It chose a new form, apparently deleted our old form, and quit doing duplicates.

Or Simply defies common business process tasks. Like deposits (aka retainers). There’s not way to take a deposit from a client before service is rendered and then apply it against a first invoice. Really. Even my own business’ invoicing software, Billings, can do this simple task with aplomb. But not Simply Accounting. I wasted over an hour of my time on the phone with their tech support the other day just to learn this.

Then there’s the Help system that crashes the app. Yeah, that’s right. Performing a search on Simply Accounting’s help system — a common enough task — will cause the application itself to crash. (Hence my endless calls to their tech support line for assistance with the simplest of tasks — I can’t even try to help myself.)

And talking about the help system. The support documentation is lame. Each article gleefully tells you what Simply Accounting can do, but rarely tells you how to do it.

Then there’s the fact Simply can’t even be installed on some PCs. Like my Lenovo ThinkPad. I’ve, again, blown hours on the phone with “SimplyCare” tech support trying to get Simply Accounting to install on this computer. Waste of time. Not gonna happen. 

Then there’s the fact that upgrades to the application wipe out any custom forms, such as invoices, you’ve created. It defies logic that an upgrade process couldn’t simply set aside any anomalous forms documents that a user may have created, and then put them back when it’s done.

The list goes on from there. 

If I had only known what I know before I wasted a not-for-profit organization’s money on this software. Not only is it expensive, but it costs additionally in the time of staff to battle its bugs and shortcomings. 

My day care’s margins are slim enough. This software is helping to shave them down to nothing.

6 thoughts on “top ten crap software: simply accounting

  1. I agree, this has to be the worst software I have had the misfortune to use. I spend days (yes I know) creating a custom form (if this is not the slowest software available…) only to find out when you email it as a pdf, it reverts to the default form!!!One, only one call to support!I have heard Quickbooks is similar, and that these two are the only recognized by auditors as tamper proof in Canada. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried both, if anyone has tried both PLEASE send me an email.Thanks,

  2. I’m a computer tech with 20 years of experience and working in offices and large network and everytime a customer is using that software in their office they end up with lots of issues and network problem… for me its the worst accounting “network wise” software I have seen.

  3. Agreed with Sylvain.

    I have the misfortune of being a software developer with tech skills. To further my dilemma, we also have 3 accountants using Simply across a network. EVERYDAY, at ALL HOURS of the day, one of the three are at my desk with a problem with Simply Accounting. These constant issues render my ability to do software development to nil.

    Thanks to Simply I am reduced to a desk-side support monkey.

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